Belgian Artist Carsten Höller Brings His Aesthetic to the Table

Belgian artist Carsten Höller, known for creating the Upside Down Mushroom Room at Fondazione Prada, has opened a restaurant called Brutalisten in Stockholm. The restaurant is based on Höller's Kitchen Manifesto Brutalisten, which focuses on single, simple ingredients and takes cues from the early 20th-century architectural movement of Brutalism. The manifesto has one main rule: ingredients are used alone for a certain dish; only water and salt may be added. The cuisine is not about lack of sophistication, but a commitment to purity and flavor. The use of overlooked, hard-to-get or rare ingredients, or ingredients that are generally discarded, is characteristic of Brutalist kitchen. The menu was created by Höller and Stefan Eriksson, and the focus is on ingredients - color, taste, and smell. The restaurant subscribes to a simple aesthetic, with all stone walls, slate tables, and slabs of cut wood. Food is not only elevated to an art form here, but an experience for the senses, making the restaurant part performance art and part dining experience.

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