Fairfield County February 2021 Market Insights

The seller's markets created by COVID-19 have led to increased sales prices in markets across the country. Fairfield County is no exception. Multiple areas posted increases in the average sales prices of single family homes.

New Canaan:
Average SF Sale Price (+5%)
Average SF Sale Price (+50%)
Average SF Sale Price (+127%)
Average SF Sale Price (+37%) ​​

For further details and analysis in Compass CT February 2021 Market Snapshot, click on the image below.

March Property Transfers:

Darien, CT:

March 9:
10 Joseph Street: $1,250,000
JDKD Development LLC of Darien to Angela Hom and Marcelo Saravia

March 9:
15 Charles Street: $749,000
Michael Cortese and Ryan Maheu to Connor Grant and Paula Grant

​​​​​​​March 6:
244 Hollow Tree Ridge Road: $1,750,000
Brian Hertzog and Jenny Hsu to Ashley-Henry LLC of Rowayton

12 Hillside Avenue: $1,375,000
Michael Marty to Andrew Redmond and Julienne Redmond

4 Edmond Street: $680,000
John Corcoran and Karen Corcoran to Brendan Keane and Alexandria Keane

New Canaan, CT:

March 11:
48 Summer Street: $640,000
Michael Discala, trustee to Andrew McConnell

March 10:
76 Oak Street: $2,170,000
Thomas Hewitt to Christine Woerz

March 8:
142 Parade Hill Road: $2,200,000
Darwin Hostetter to Greg Gutzler

March 4:
789 New Norwalk Road: $850,000
David Ferm Jr. to Adrian Tarjoinanu

March 3:
31 Ramhorne Road : $3,595,000
Thomas O’Leary to Union Avenue Holdings LLC
263 Oenoke Ridge: $2,680,000
Shiryuda Trust to Samuel Stahl

​​​​​​​226 White Oak Shade Road: $1,865,000
Stephen Mettler to Daphnie Beltran

15 Scofield Lane: $1,887,500
Seminary Street LLC to Anthony Ceci

March 2:
​​​​​​​220 Old Stamford Road: $785,000
John Moses to Vilma Berisha

​​​​​​​70 Seminary St.: $2,280,000
JS REI I LLC to Seminary Street Property LLC

​​​​​​​91 Conrad Road: $900,000
Patricia Bleuher to Lecher Development LLC

March 1:
​​​​​​​34 Rocky Brook Road: $1,650,000
Eric Lobenfield to Ashly Stohl

​​​​​​​716 Cheese Spring Road: $2,369,000
716 Cheese Spring Road LLC to Katie & Aaron Vinten

February Property Transfers:

Darien, CT:
February 7:
15 Georgian Lane: $700,000
Sherry Fischer to Brandon Holbrook and Carolin Holbrook

February 6:
154 Christie Hill Road: $1,150,000
Suzanne Cottle and Robert Cottle to Oliver Wilson Development LLC of Westport

February 6:
36 Granaston Lane: $1,150,000
Brian Granath to Joshua Thomas and Kelly Thomas 

February 5:
85 Rings End Road: $2,150,000
Guy Fiske to Dider Lefevre and Elizabeth Lefevre

February 4:
224 West Avenue: $1,135,000
Richard Gilhooly and Gemma Keanealy to Kevin Zigaldo 
​​​​​​​New Canaan, CT:

February 26:
​​​​​388 Spring Water: $1,100,000
Chancellor Livingston LLC to David Ferrucci

February 24:
​​​​​​​127 Wellesley Drive: $1,575,000
​​​​​​​Anil Prasad to Fatou Niang

February 19:
10-12 Grace St: $800,000
Nancy DiPanni Revocable Trust to Joseph Piazza

179 Oenoke Ridge Unit D: $1,449,500
Kenneth M. Gammill Jr., trustee, to James Seaborg

136 Mariomi Road: $1.6 million
Justin Corrado to Andrew Timothy Balysky

964 Smith Ridge Road: $2,325,000
Richard Field to Heather Newton Clay

February 12:
14 Holly Road: $950,000
Arthur S. Kiratsous Revocable Trust to Lauren Koprowski

85 West Hills Road: $4,590,000
85 West Hills Road LLC to Timothy F. Corvino, trustee

February 11:
86 Logan Road: 
Micheline A. Norwood 2013 Trust to Markek Fludzinski

February 9:
406 Silvermine Road: 
Aymon Demauro to Christopher Giordano

25 East Ave: $664,635
Estate of Catherine I. Buonaiuto to 25 East Av. LLC

29 East Ave.: $810,365
29 East Ave. LLC to 29 East Av. LLC

52 Parade Hill Lane: $2,025,000
Daniel Ernst to Timothy Faxon

14 Skyview Lane: $2,180,000
Ralph Boccuzzi to Paul Krikorian

69 Windrow Lane: $1,050,000
Severin White to 69 Windrow Lane LLC

326 Ponus Ridge: $924,000
Estate of John A. DeVito to Benjamin Jessen

40 Riverbank Court, Unit 1A: $575,000
Kathleen Tracy to John Douglas

302 Canoe Hill Road: $2,850,000
First Canoe Hill Associates LLC to Jared Grayson

February 8th:
14 Skyview Lane: $2,180,000
Ralph Bocuzzi to Paul Krikorian

69 Windrow Lane: $1,050,000
Severin White to 69 Windrow Lane LLC

326 Ponus Ridge: $924,000
Estate of John A. DeVito to Benjamin Jessen

40 Riverbank Court #1A: $575,000
Kathleen Tracy to John Douglas

302 Canoe Hill Road: $2,850,000
First Canoe Hill Associates LLC to Jared Grayson