July 2021 National Luxury Market Data: Texas



-Luxury Homes are Leading the Way in Houston's Red- Hot Housing Market (Houston Business Journal)

Trends, Notable Listings and Sales:

$7.4M River Oaks Manor is a Vital Part of Architectural and Social History (Paper City)


Trends, Notable Listings and Sales:

-The Dallas Real Estate Market is On Fire: A Selection of What is Available in Early 2021 (D Magazine

-10235 Waller Dr in Dallas, Texas for $8,995,000: Situated on 1 acre in the heart of Preston Hollow, this Christy Blumenfeld and Tate Brown Custom Home luxury residence as it ALL—indoor and outdoor kitchens, screened-in porch, plenty of spacious bedrooms, pool, tennis court, 3-car garage, elevator, and more.