Need Help Planning For Father's Day?

Father's Day is a time for families to come together and recognize the amazing fathers in their lives. The Sarsen Team understands the importance of this day and wants to inspire others with ways to spend their day. The Teams awaiting their Father's Day events - from Jack's day of quality time with his sons, Saila's schedule with her husband and kids, to Ashley's surprise for her dad. Let us know what you plan this year. Happy Father's Day!

This Father's Day, Jack is looking forward to spending quality time golfing with his two sons, Jack and Ryan, at Millbrook. With Jack coming home from his first year of college and Ryan wrapping up his junior year of high school, this is the perfect time for the boys to spend some quality time with their dad. Getting outside and having some friendly competition has become a special way for them to enjoy each other's company. With their clubs in hand, they never fail to challenge each other's skills with the occasional tips from Jack. After a long day of playing, the boys know that they'll be ready to chill out and eat. After calling her son in Florida to wish him a happy Father's Day, Carolyn plans to meet up with the boys to celebrate her son. Talking about this outing, Jack is grateful for the opportunity to strengthen his bond with the kids through their shared passion for golf. This fathers Day we suggest to fathers and their loved ones find a time to do that hobby that they all can enjoy together. 

Saila's plan for Father's Day includes heartfelt cards, quality time, and a delightful BBQ with the whole family. Saila wanted to celebrate the perfect day to celebrate her husband on this occasion. To kickstart the day on a joyful note, Saila arranged for her children to give their father handmade cards. Each card was adorned with colorful drawings and personal touches. Later in the day, Saila's son and her husband will be playing golf together, enjoying some quality father-son time. Later in the day, the entire family, including the grandparents, will be heading to their country club for a Father's Day BBQ. It's a chance for the family to relax, socialize, and enjoy delicious food in a beautiful setting. The BBQ provides an opportunity for Saila's husband to be surrounded by loved ones, creating lasting memories on this special day. A great way to spend Father's Day is by being around all the important fathers in your life. We suggest doing this by going to celebrations in your community, friends, or multiple generations of father's in your family.

This Father's Day, Ashley has a surprise in store for her dad- tickets to a Mets game. Although they are both die-hard Yankees fans, they agree that supporting the Mets is the next best option. Ashley carefully planned the day, organizing what train ride to take, their seats, and the snacks. Once they reach the stadium, her dad wont be shocked when he finds himself fitting in the familiar setting of the bleachers, just like they did when Ashley was younger.  Growing up some of their best memories were at ball games and has always been a cherished tradition for Ashley and her dad. On this Father's Day, they embrace the opportunity to create new memories and celebrate their love for the game- regardless of team allegiance.