Need help planning for mother's day?

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and it's the perfect opportunity to show the mothers in your life just how much they mean to you. But with so many ways to celebrate, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've gathered ideas from the Sarsen Team on how to celebrate Mother's Day this year. Whether you're looking for a more traditional celebration or a way to connect virtually, we've got you covered. From Jack and Carolyn's ideas for a classic Mother's Day to Saila's tips for busy young families, and Ashley's suggestions for those who can't make it home, there's something for everyone. So, let's get started on making this Mother's Day one to remember!
Known for their incredible mother-son real estate dynamic, the Sarsen Team's Jack and Carolyn get to spend time with each other every day. Jack understands the value of hard work and dedication, but he also knows the importance of family, especially his mother. So, when Mother's Day rolls around, he always makes sure to plan something extra special to show her how much he cares. This year, Jack has planned a perfect Mother's Day celebration for Carolyn. He and his two sons, Jack and Ryan, will be heading to Greenwich, to spend the day with her. Their first stop will be L'Escale restaurant, where they'll enjoy a delicious brunch overlooking the water. Jack knows his mom loves delicious food and a beautiful view, so this restaurant is the perfect choice. After he plans a leisurely stroll at Montgomery Pinetum, one of the nicest parks in Greenwich. The lush greenery and charming walking trails offer the perfect setting to connect with nature and enjoy quality time with the family. Finally, they'll head back to Carolyn's home, where they'll give her their idea of the perfect gift. Jack has noticed that Carolyn had been nursing her orchid on her desk, he wants to gift his mother another orchid for mothers day to have one bloomed while reviving the other. More than anything, he wants to show her how much she means to him and his family. Spending time together, enjoying good food, and creating lasting memories.
For Saila, the best way to celebrate is to keep it relaxing and spend quality time with her family. The less work she has to put into it the better. This year, Saila has planned a relaxing Mother's Day celebration that includes brunch at her country club. To start her day, Saila knows she will be waking up to the best gifts from her kids – handmade cards and hand-picked flowers from her garden. Like years past, these thoughtful gifts will be the best start to her special day. After enjoying her gifts, Saila will be heading to her country club for a delicious brunch with. She loves the relaxed atmosphere of the club and the delicious food they serve. She will be enjoying her brunch with her husband and children, and taking the time to catch up and enjoy each other's company. After brunch, Saila plans to spend the rest of the day relaxing at home. She loves nothing more than staying in and spending quality time with her family, and this day is all about celebrating that. By starting her day with thoughtful gifts from her kids, enjoying a relaxing brunch at her country club, and relaxing with her family for the rest of the day, Saila knows this mothers day will be just what she needs.
For many of us, Mother's Day is a time to spend with family, sharing laughter and love with the important women in our lives. For our team assistant Ashley, who recently moved back to Fairfield County, celebrating with her mom and grandmother in Florida isn't an option this year. However, she has come up with a plan to make sure they feel her love and appreciation from afar. Ashley knows that her mom and grandmother both love flowers, so she has decided to send them each a beautiful bouquet. For her mom, she has chosen a bouquet of hydrangeas, her favorite flower. And for her grandmother, she has chosen peonies, knowing they will bring a smile to her face. The flowers will be delivered on Mother's Day, a sweet surprise that will show them both how much Ashley cares. In addition to the flowers, Ashley is planning a video call with her mom and grandmother on Mother's Day. She'll make sure to set aside plenty of time to chat and catch and express her appreciation for them. Even though they're not physically together, the video call will allow them to connect and feel close. While it's not the same as being able to celebrate in person, Ashley's thoughtful gestures show that distance doesn't have to get in the way of showing love and appreciation. With her flowers and a special video call, Ashley is making sure her mom and grandmother feel loved on this special day.
Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the important women in our lives, that means spending quality time with family or expressing our love and appreciation for them.  Whether you choose to celebrate with a fancy lunch or a simple day at home on the phone, remember to tell the mamas in your life you love them! We wish the mothers on our team along with all the wonderful mothers out there! Thank you for your unconditional love, support, and guidance. Your tireless efforts and sacrifices are truly appreciated and admired. You are an inspiration and a source of strength to your children and those around you. Enjoy your special day, you deserve it!