Perelman Performing Arts Center

Unparalleled Experience 

An incredible spot only a train ride away from Greenwich that the Sarsen Team knows they can always go for a great experience is The Perelman Performing Arts Center. This remarkable addition to the New York skyline symbolizes resilience and transformation and was created to be a cultural hub, providing space for various performing arts disciplines, including theater, dance, music, and more. Its strategic location at the base of One World Trade Center and its distinctive design as a floating, translucent marble cube makes it stand out amidst the towering skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan.

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The $500 million project, spanning 129,000 square feet and comprising eight stories, is a testament to the city's evolution over the past two decades. The construction of the center signifies a departure from the grief and fear that enveloped New York after the tragic events of September 11.  In the aftermath, there was a shift in focus towards honoring the bereaved families. Advocates passionately called for the sanctification of the entire 16-acre site as a memorial. However, officials faced the challenging task of balancing these heartfelt appeals with the need to revitalize the economy and downtown district. The response was the construction of gleaming office towers, later to come the incredible Perelman Performing Arts Center. 

Designed by the architectural firm REX, led by architects Joshua Ramus and David Rockwell played a pivotal role in incorporating the arts into the new World Trade Center site. The design was selected through an international competition. The initial design concept featured a translucent marble exterior and a flexible performance space with moveable walls to accommodate various types of performances. The Perelman Performing Arts Center, often referred to by Ramus as a "mystery box," houses three auditoria that ingeniously extend and combine to create over 62 stage-audience configurations, ensuring a different experience with each visit. The building's unique feature is revealed at dusk when the chandeliers shine through its 5,000 marble tile exterior, causing it to glow.