The Continental Experience

The Continental, an eagerly anticipated prequel mini-series to the immensely popular John Wick Series that premiered September 22 on Peacock, has a killer brand activation immersive experience. Jack attended the opening night at the Continental Hotel located in the Beaver Building at 1 Wall Street Court in lower Manhattan, which was the inspiration for the films. The experience transports you back to the cell phone-less 1970s, where you embark on a journey featuring indulgent cocktails, street reporters, Checker Cabs, immersive live narratives, and unexpected twists.

This show dives into the origins of the iconic assassin-friendly hotel in the heart of the John Wick universe. This enthralling narrative unfolds through the perspective and actions of a young man named Winston Scott. He is reluctantly drawn into the grim and perilous backdrop of 1970s New York City, confronting a past he had hoped to leave behind. Winston Scott, portrayed by Ian McShane in the Wick films, plays a pivotal role as the hotel's manager, while Colin Woodell takes on the role of the young Scott in this series. The show's cast includes names like Michel Prada, Ben Robson, and Jessica Allain, among other talented actors. The director Albert Hughes, known for his work on the first and third installments of the John Wick series, emphasized the importance of infusing fun and escapism into the story, avoiding excessive heaviness. Elements of the 1970s New York City life were perfectly incorporated into the narrative, but decided to prioritize the essence of John Wick's signature action-packed style.



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