Sarsen Team June 2021 Greenwich Market Data

Even though the pandemic fueled Greenwich's current seller's market, the end of the lockdown has not stopped the elevated demand. As Jonathan Miller, from the appraisal company Miller Samuel, noted in a recent New York Times interview, "Since the pandemic lockdown ended, [Greenwich] has been on a tear, seeing record sales levels and price growth."

The luxury market is doing particularly well. 2021 Q1 5M+ home sales increased by 400% year-over-year. In May, Backcountry, Midcountry, Old Greenwich, Riverside and South of the Post Road all saw YOY YTD increases in 5M+ homes under contract. 

Why is Greenwich doing better than other markets? Miller posits that the reason is cash buyers. Underwriting on loans is significantly tighter than usual, even with low interest rates, and the pandemic was easier on those in positions with higher salaries. For further details about the Greenwich market, please click or swipe through the Sarsen Team June 2021 Greenwich Market Data below.

June Property Transfers

96 Conyers Farm Drive, Greenwich, CT for $8,500,000
31 Dublin Hill Drive, Greenwich, CT for $6,275,000
315 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, CT for $6,150,000
504 North Street, Greenwich, CT for $6,100,000
139 Old Church Road, Greenwich, CT for $5,512,250
14 Baldwin Farms South, Greenwich, CT for $5,500,000
25 Upper Cross Road, Greenwich, CT for $5,475,000
125 Field Point Road #B1, Greenwich, CT for $3,350,000
1 Cedar Street, Greenwich, CT for $3,000,000
26 Chapel Lane, Riverside, CT for $2,650,000
14 Fox Run Lane, Greenwich, CT for $2,600,000
6 Shorehame Club Road, Old Greenwich for $2,495,000
6 Sheldrake Road, Greenwich, CT for $2,211,000
233 Milbank Avenue B, Greenwich, CT for $2,165,000
11 Indian Head Road, Riverside, CT for $2,050,000
11 Ben Court, Old Greenwich, CT for $1,915,030
23 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, CT for $1,800,000
4 Orchard Street, Cos Cob, CT for $1,500,000
​​​​​​2 Halsey Drive, Old Greenwich, CT for $1,495,000
81 Bible Street A, Cos Cob, CT for $1,475,000
45 Hillcrest Park Road, Old Greenwich, CT for $1,450,000
16 Hawthorne Street South D, Greenwich, CT for $1,200,000
51 Cross Lane, Cos Cob, CT for $1,100,000