Sarsen Thanksgiving Traditions

“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast,” 

-Shakespeare in The Comedy of Errors.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when friends and families can gather together and enjoy being together. Thanksgiving can also be a telling time as a reflection of the daily blessings in our lives that might often get taken for granted. The Sarsens have 15 years of experience hosting Thanksgiving in their Greenwich home and would love to share some recommendations with you. This year, try out some new traditions to bring friends and family closer this Thanksgiving. Here are some of the Sarsen Teams recommendations for making your thanksgiving experience extra special: 


Get moving with the family 

Whether it's before or after your big thanksgiving feast, getting active with family and friends is a great way to get out and spend time with one another. While the finishing touches are being put on dinner, avoid hovering kids (or adults) by going on a walk while anticipating the meal. With full bellies, try an after-dinner walk to cool down after a delicious thanksgiving meal. Have fun with it! Create teams and play football, make it with the teams and create your own Thanksgiving tournament. Warning: can get competitive.


Say why your thankful 

It's so easy for us to be used to the people and things we have in our lives, make sure to remind yourself, and others, why you are thankful. Make a toast! Let everyone hear the blessings you are glad to have. Go around the table and each says one thing you're thankful for. If the group you're with is shy, write them down and put them in a hat for people to pick out and read at random. 


Change up meals 

Objectively the best part of Thanksgiving is the big meal we share with our loved ones. Try some new ways to change your meals. Have the kids make a dessert! Have the younger generation contribute to your thanksgiving spread by choosing and making a dessert for the guests. This year try new and old recipes. Make some of those delicious meals that bring you back to when you were a kid. Also, replace those meals that weren't so good in the past. The Sarsen family cooks two stuffings each year. One stuffing is Jack’s great-grandmother's recipe which has been passed down for generations. The other stuffing changes up each year, using the same base as the family recipe, then adding whatever new ingredients they want to try out.  Whatever your taste is, try having each person have a variety of special meals and take some of the load off of the host. The day after Thanksgiving there is always room for dessert! Have pie for breakfast as a fun treat with the family.

Give back to the community 

The word Thanksgiving means the act of expressing or feeling thankfulness, and returning kindness. Try putting your thanks into action by giving back. There are many ways to get involved in events like giving to the misfortune. Sign your loved ones up to volunteer at a soup kitchen, and show up for those who need it. Another way to get into the thanksgiving spirit is by doing a turkey drive or donating canned food. The Sarsen Team donates to the canned food drive hosted by Compass.