Setting and Sticking to your 2023 Goals

New Year's resolutions were once considered a positive tradition for change but are now seen by many as something to dread. A lot of this is due to the fact 80 percent of people abandon their pledge by February, we want to help change that. Whether it's New Year, a new goal, or New Year, same goal, the Sarsen Team wants to help you set and stick to your goals. We have put together simple steps for achieving your 2023 goals! Cheers to improving yourself!
Choose your Type of Goal 
Personal goals
Personal goals are some of the most important kinds of goals to make for yourself. Personal goals are made to improve your overall life and create it happier and more fulfilling. Growth and personal development 
Financial goals
Financial goals are set to improve your financial position, these can be made to increase your finances and pay off debt. These goals are often long-term, and require, time-consuming, and require extra steps of crunching numbers. 
Health goals
Health goals are made to improve your mental and physical health. Improving one's health improves energy, mood, mobility and more, creating an umbrella effect of improving our lives. 
Relationship goals
Relationships goals are goals set to keep ourselves socially involved with those around us. Creating and maintaining healthy connections, while steering away from those that are toxic 
What will it do?
Before working toward a goal, ask yourself why you set it. Write this initial motivator down and remind yourself of it whenever you’re feeling unmotivated. Remember: Your why can change — you just need to have one.
Create Steps
Goals are less overwhelming when broken into smaller, easily achievable tasks. Having a plan and focusing on the smaller, more immediate steps will make your goal feel achievable.
Be flexible and be realistic
Life is predictably unpredictable. There’s no sense in feeling discouraged if life throws you a curveball that messes with your plan. If circumstance makes one task or goal impossible, make adjustments and focus on what you can control. Remember to be kind to yourself for trying your best.
Write your goals down
Writing them down will make you remember them and have them on the top of your mind. Along with this, you can write your goal down at the beginning and continue to look at what you wrote to motivate you to keep going. 
Celebrating your goals makes it so you can stay motivated and feel good about the road that you're on.
Surround yourself with people who motivate you
Most of us accomplish more when held accountable by someone else. We can talk ourselves out of doing something, but if we feel we owe it to someone we respect and admire we’re more likely to follow through. Tell a friend, family member, or coach about your goal and ask them to check in on your progress. 

Finally… Reach out to us! 
The Sarsen Team would love to hear your goals and be there however you can to achieve them.