Sarsen Team Summer

Our team members have been making the most of this season with exciting and enriching activities. From family bonding to exploring the wonders of Greenwich, embracing the beauty of nature, each member has a unique way of enjoying this summer. Hear about how Jack, Carolyn, Saila, and Ashley have been spending their time.  
This summer, Jack has spent lots of quality time with his two sons, Jack and Ryan. With Jack back from his first year of college and Ryan about to enter his senior year of high school, this family time feels extra valuable. One of their favorite pastimes has been playing golf, bonding over friendly competitions. Amidst the greens, they share laughter, tips, and tricks, strengthening their father-son relationships. Jack imparts wisdom and guidance to his sons during these important stages of their lives. As the summer continues, they eagerly anticipate more adventures and cherished moments that they share as a family.
Carolyn decided to stay in town and enjoy all Greenwich offers this summer. She has had an exceptional summer and participated in many things to do! Carolyn didn’t have to travel to have an incredible time. She has had picnic dinners watching the sunset with friends at Tod’s Point, Greenwich’s fantastic beach and park. She also took a ferry ride with friends to Island Beach. Carolyn has also enjoyed the town’s evening concerts at the various parks and outdoor dinners with friends in the many restaurants on Greenwich Ave. and the neighboring streets in town.
Weekends or weekday evenings are best spent for Saila with her family at Tod’s point beach in Greenwich. The exclusivity of the beach makes it extremely appealing. After settling under the cabanas, she spends hours watching her kids make sand castles, swim and play with their friends. It’s also a wonderful place to bring her friends and family to visit over the summer from all over the country and abroad. It's a perfect little local getaway for a refreshing end to our weekends! One of Saila’s favorite things to do in Greenwich is ‘boat day’. Nothing is better than packing everyone abroad and jetting to the Long Island Sound. Snacks, music, and a tube tied in the back of the boat for her kids to go tubing and jump into the water is a favorite for the summer! For these fun outings, she rents a boat for the day/ few hours and drives around the Harbor while viewing some of the most gorgeous town homes!
For Ashley, this summer has been a series of thrilling weekend getaways, each destination offering its unique charm and adventure. She started her journey in Florida, basking in the warm sun and experiencing the vibrant South Florida, where her family resides (Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, and Miami) culture. Then, she ventured to the tranquil shores of Montauk, savoring the serenity of the ocean waves. Next up was Lake Placid, where she indulged in breathtaking natural beauty, hiking through lush trails and reveling in the crystal-clear waters. Her final destination was Virginia, where she went to school, bringing back memories of Western Virginia and its beauty.