Takeaways from Compass REtreat on seizing a slowing market

Five of Compass' top real estate agents, team leaders, and executives shared advice on recruiting, marketing, collecting leads, and stabilizing mental health during a market shift. David Schlichter, Skye Michiels, Maya Vander, Richard Steinberg, and Felipe Hernandez all give their input on ways to overcome the current matters many agents are facing with the current market.

Get off auto-pilot with recruiting and retention- David Schlichter 

The importance of creating a strong environment as a team leader is crucial to your business. Keeping a high moral for the people working around you creates a more positive and efficient team. It's important to celebrate the highs, keep people motivated, and continue to look for high-quality people to be a part of the team. Engaging others will enable them to push through adversity.

Stay top-of-mind by tending to your database - Skye Michiels

Keeping the connections agents have is crucial to future business. Whether it's referrals, past clients, or others, having preset connections with people needs to be used to agents' advantage. Keeping these connections doesn't just mean talking about business or real estate. Holding connections with clients and agents is important, creating a more personal relationship and becoming interested in others' lives.  

Create work-life balance with a well-crafted team  - Maya Vander

 With the uncertainty of the markets, and ramping up trying to find work, it is natural to feel nervous and burnt out. It is important to find a balance between work and home life. It is important to not overwork yourself and manage some time for yourself.  Prioritizing and time blocking are two things that are important to maintaining a stable business. Avoid falling into a funk by working on your mind and your business. 

Let data and information be your guide - Richard Steinberg

 Over the years, real estate has become extremely data-driven.Providing data and information is important when working with or searching for clients. Remember to collect data and information from various sources like your brokerage, real estate news sites, and fellow agents, these could be from competing brands. Knowing these facts, and understanding them is an important talking point when trying to gain clients, or make the right real estate decisions, 

Move beyond marketing listings - Felipe Hernandez 

It is easy to focus on only what is going on with your listings, whether you have some or nothing at all. It is still a good time to work towards growing your business, aside from gaining listings. Focus on your team and branding. Tell your story, what makes you special. With listings being slow it is a perfect time to maintain brand awareness and identity.


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