Who are you at Thanksgiving?

As Thanksgiving approaches, families across the United States prepare for a day of gratitude, togetherness, and, of course, a feast that rivals any other. Amidst the aroma of roasting turkey and the laughter of loved ones, a diverse cast of characters emerges, each contributing to the unique blend of joy, chaos, and tradition that defines the holiday. Here's a list of everyone you'd expect to see this holiday season. Which are you? 
The Hostile Host:
Despite meticulous planning and exhaustive lists, the Hostile Host finds themselves amid a whirlwind as they scramble to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving celebration. Balancing the demands of cooking, cleaning, and entertaining guests, their stress levels skyrocket. 
The Dietary Detective:
In an age of diverse dietary preferences and restrictions, the Dietary Detective takes on the role of scrutinizing every dish. Armed with a list of dietary do's and don'ts, they meticulously examine ingredients to ensure that every guest has a suitable option. Whether they're on a keto diet or a vegan you can expect them to pack a little something special for themselves to meet their needs. 
There for the Food:
This character is the silent appreciator of the feast. They speak when spoken to but are primarily there for one reason – the delicious food. From the savory turkey to the sweet pumpkin pie, they indulge in every bite, quietly savoring the flavors. Once the last slice of pie is finished, they gracefully make their exit, having fulfilled their culinary mission.
The Couch Potato:
No Thanksgiving gathering is complete without someone sinking into the couch, unbuttoning their pants, and declaring, "I can't move." The Couch Potato fully embraces the holiday spirit by committing to post-meal relaxation. Their contentment radiates as they bask in the warmth of family, good food, and the blissful aftermath of a hearty meal.
The Family Historian:
Thanksgiving, for the Family Historian, is not just a feast for the stomach but also for the memories. Armed with photo albums and stories spanning generations, they weave a tapestry of family history. Prepare for a journey through time as they regale everyone with anecdotes about your Great Aunt and Grandpa's adventures, fostering a deeper connection among family members.
The Peacemaker:
Amidst the potential chaos and family drama that can arise, the Peacemaker emerges as the voice of reason. Effortlessly diffusing tension, redirecting conversations, and ensuring a harmonious atmosphere, this individual plays a crucial role in maintaining the spirit of Thanksgiving. Their presence turns potential conflicts into opportunities for laughter and understanding.
The New Boo:
Meeting the family for the first time, the New Boo is someone's significant other navigating the uncharted waters of familial introductions. Their nerves may be palpable, but their willingness to embrace the traditions and personalities of the family is both endearing and courageous.
The Comedian:
In every gathering, there's the person who keeps the room alive with laughter. At Thanksgiving, the Comedian constantly throws out witty remarks or tells the funniest stories, ensuring the festive atmosphere remains light-hearted and joyful. Their presence adds a touch of humor to the holiday celebration.
Let us know which Thanksgiving character you are! The Sarsen team wants to give thanks to all our past, present, and future clients. Let us know how we can continue helping and giving back to you!