Why Athletes Are Scoring Big in Real Estate

In the competitive world of professional sports, athletes are not only focused on scoring goals on the field but also on securing their financial future.

Commercial and residential real estate has emerged as the go-to investment for many athletes, offering a strategic avenue for wealth creation and financial stability. While some, choose to buy and rent out properties, others may opt for flipping homes or building a robust real estate portfolio. Despite the perception of high entry barriers due to soaring property prices, experts argue that opportunities are available at every price point.
While enjoying the perks of their playing careers, athletes have the perfect opportunities through real estate investments to build equity. By wisely investing in real estate during their active years, athletes create a financial cushion that can be tapped into during their post-playing days. Professional athlete's careers are often short-lived, the average player in major North American leagues being 3.5 years in the NFL, 4.8 years in the NBA, 5.6 years in the MLB, and 5.5 years in the NHL. Understanding the brevity of their time in the spotlight, with the average retirement age often before turning 30, using real estate to ensure financial success beyond their playing days is a great opportunity. Athletes often maintain at least two properties—one in their home state and the other in their team's home location. Having multiple homes widens their profiles and is an excellent opportunity to interact with different markets. Exposure to the real estate industry has also led many athletes to become unintentional investors or develop a keen interest in the sector. With the growing rate of athlete real estate investors, more are becoming more familiar and interested, whether that's learning from a teammate or a realtor. Recognizing the unique needs of athletes, real estate professionals have established sports and entertainment divisions that cater specifically to players and performers. Our Compass Sports and Entertainment network agents know firsthand the needs of these athletes and provide tailored services, addressing the distinctive requirements of high-profile clientele in the sports and entertainment industry. Whether you're an athlete looking to invest in a home or are looking for a buyer for your home, at the Sarsen team, we can lead you on the right path.  


Major Athletes with Major Investments

Emmitt Smith:

Smith began investing in real estate as early as the 1990s while still playing for the Dallas Cowboys. After retiring in 2004, he delved deeper into real estate and founded E Smith Realty Partners in 2014. Partnered with Newmark Group to focus on commercial brokerage services, showcasing a transition towards leveraging his expertise for further success in the industry.

Hakeem Olajuwon:

Olajuwon, known for his successful NBA career with the Houston Rockets, has quietly excelled in real estate for over 15 years. His investment strategy revolves around buying high-value, fully-developed land with the intention of selling at a higher price. The former NBA Champion's real estate ventures have been lucrative, with reported profits from transactions exceeding $100 million, reflecting his keen eye for investment opportunities.

Roger Staubach:

Staubach, a former NFL star who played for the Dallas Cowboys, ventured into real estate during the offseason in the 1970s. Founded the Staubach Company in 1977, which experienced significant growth over the years, expanding to 50 offices across North America and employing 1,100 individuals. After selling the company in 2008, Staubach walked away with $640 million, demonstrating the substantial success he achieved in the real estate industry.

LeSean McCoy:

McCoy, a former NFL running back, has made notable real estate investments during his career through Vice Capital LLC, a full-service real estate development, management, and investment group. One of his significant investments is Savoy 48, a 48-unit mixed-use development in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, showcasing his commitment to identifying prime real estate opportunities.

Magic Johnson:

The former NBA star has become a successful businessman, particularly in real estate, with investments in urban renewal projects, shopping centers, and residential developments. Notably, Johnson played a pivotal role in the redevelopment of downtown Los Angeles, including the acquisition of the Dodgers Stadium, showcasing his impact beyond the basketball court.

LeBron James:

Another NBA superstar, LeBron James, has made significant real estate investments across Ohio, Los Angeles, and other locations. Notably involved in revitalizing his hometown of Akron, Ohio, through initiatives like the "I PROMISE School" and affordable housing developments, reflecting his commitment to community development through real estate.

Venus and Serena Williams:

The tennis stars have ventured into real estate, investing in various properties, including luxury homes and commercial real estate. Serena, in particular, has invested in startups related to real estate technology, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to real estate investment.


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