Buy With Us

Steps to take with us to find your dream home.

Create a Compass Account

The first step to getting started with is is by creating your Compass account

Start by clicking here: Compass Login

Click "Buyer or Seller"

Continue to connect your account to Google, Facebook, Apple, Email, or Company

Continue filling out your information 

Fill out your First/Last Name and create a password then click "Sign Up"






Connect With Agent

Choose the agent you'd like to connect with to start your search


Go to your Account and go to settings at the top right corner.

Under "My Agent" click Browse agents.

Type in the agent name to the search


Click the "Work with" button



Fill out the information if necessary, click buy and submit. 


The page will open up to Compass' search where you can browse for a home. 

Using Collections

Collections is a tool we use to share a curated group of listings with our clients. Collections let us manage clients' preferences automatically, with a place for them to ask questions, comment on listings, and express their thoughts in a streamlined, direct way. 


We will create a personalized collection. Go to your email and click "Accept Invite" to gain access. 

When jumping back into Collections go to your home page, click "Go To" then "Collections". 

"Matches" are listings from a saved search that match your criteria. 

Click the Star in the top right corner to add a home to your Favorites. 

Click the circle with the line through it (under the star) to go to not interested. 

Click the Map to request a tour of a home you have an interest in.

Click the text bubble to leave a comment: Let us know what you do or don't like about the home/property. 


At the top "Activity": See the latest updated made to collection, like a recent a comment, a favorite, or a new home added. 

At the top "Discussion" have a conversation about your home an communicate with your agents.

On the drop down arrow Sort by: Time Added, Status, Price - Low to High, Price - High to Low, Recent Comments, Most Comments, and Unread Comments.  



Set your notifications so you can choose when there are updates.


Go to the top corner of the screen and hover over the person icon then go to notifications 


Here you can set when you would like to receive updates and how quickly you receive them. 

Another was to set up Notifications for collections, clicking the gear and change your settings 

At the top go to "Mobile Push" to receive updates on your phone from the Compass app