International Partnership with INHOUS

Connecting with potential buyers and agents worldwide has never been easier

Through our Sports and Entertainment partnership with InHous, an exclusive luxury international brokerage, your property listings can reach an extensive global network of high-net-worth clients, athletes, entertainers, and prominent brokers. Compass Sports and Entertainment Division's collaboration with InHous, enables us to link you with international buyers and agents seamlessly. With a presence in 77 diverse markets and 80 offices across the globe, we ensure your listings are seen and cherished by the right audience.

What Our International Partnership Can Do 

InHous gives us the ability to show your listing across the world. With a discreet approach and an unparalleled understanding of the luxury market, INHOUS ensures your listing is showcased to perfection, captivating the discerning tastes of international buyers. Through our collaboration, your property transcends geographical boundaries and enters the hands of individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Are you looking to relocate or get a second home in the London area. We can help connect you to one of the incredible InHous agents who will be there with you through the home-buying process in a new market.

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Jack's Visit With Hamish Bruce and Angus Dixon of InHOUS

Jack had the pleasure of meeting INHOUS leaders Hamish Bruce and Angus Dixon for lunch while in London. Hamish Bruce, Manager of Private Clients for Property Acquisitions and Managed Sales, and Angus Dixon, Director of Private Clients - Acquisitions, have extensive knowledge of the London market and vast clientele, making them incredible agents to help buy or sell your home. 

Meet Your Real Estate Needs 

Whether you're a seller looking to reach an international market or a buyer seeking exclusive, luxurious properties worldwide, InHous is your key to a seamless real estate experience. Connect with Jack today to find out how this can work for you.